Extraordinary Scouts

Lauren Ermish

Another year of selling Girl Scout cookies has come and gone in North Texas, and unless you’ve squirreled away a box or two of thin mints, you’ll have to wait until January to satisfy your cookie fix again.

Enter Girl Scout Lauren Ermish who is an OU Marketing Major. Marketing seems to be right up her alley because the Carroll graduate has probably persuaded a few of you in the past to purchase boxes of cookies from her.

“I’ve done pretty well selling Girl Scout Cookies, but I’ve had my fill,” says Lauren who throughout her scouting career sold a whopping 10,211 boxes, earning her at least one first place award in the region. If you lay all of those boxes end to end down Southlake Boulevard, those boxes would stretch from Carroll Avenue west to White Chapel Road!   Read More …

Colton Williams

For 14 year old Southlake resident Colton Williams, it took just a little nudging from his older brother and fellow Eagle Scout, Reilee to join Cub Scout Pack 982 in 2004. Ever since then, Colton has been on the fast track to achieving greatness in the scouting program. He joined the Cub Scouts at age five and now at 14, has already earned his Eagle Scout Award, something most Boy Scouts are just beginning to work on at this age.

Colton has even achieved a higher accolade called the William T. Hornaday Award. In the scouting world, this is sort of like receiving an Emmy or an Oscar for work well done and recognized by his peers. This award, based on environmental and conservation achievements, is so rare that each year only about a dozen Eagle Scouts out of some 40,000 across the country are able to say they’ve received the Hornaday Award.

Those who have hiked the trails at Bob Jones Park in Southlake have seen some of the troop’s work first hand. Read More …

Tim Green

The ultimate goal for any Boy Scout is working his way up to Eagle Scout.

Southlake resident Tim Green is the Scout Master for Troop 928 which consists of about 100 Scouts, and it’s his job to help as many boys as possible achieve that goal.

Green has been in scouting for the last eight years when he and his son, Matthew, joined a local Cub Scout Pack. Green is a true believer in scouting saying, “Scouting is one of the few places today that still allows a safe place for young boys to grow into young men.”

In Southlake, there are five Cub Packs and seven Boy Scout Troops. Boys can enter into a Cub Scout Pack once they’re in first grade. At sixth grade the jump is made to Boy Scouts, and at age 18 the program is basically over except for the Volunteering and Venturing Programs that end at age 21. Read More …